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Logo of CAPEQ inc.

Shrink Packaging, repackaging, assembly, sorting, folding, insertion and other services, CAPEQ offers a multitude of handling services. It is a subcontractor that is present in several activity sectors. 

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Logo of Cartonek inc.

Specialized in the purchase and manufacturing of cardboard products, Cartonek offers a lot of models of boxes and an unlimited choice of specialized or tailored products. 

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Logo of Groupe TAQ

With its 200 employees, TAQ is the largest company in Quebec to offer under one roof bindery services, postal preparation and handicrafts, certified ISO 9001: 2008.

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Logo of Le Sextant inc.

Since 1977, Le Sextant has evolved and moved forward in two main sectors of activity: The company offers high-level maintenance services for commercial, institutional and industrial clients and it is also a manufacturer known for the quality and competitive pricing of its cardboard paper products. 

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