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Logo of Atelier Abaco inc.

Abaco specialist assembly and secondary packaging. With 2 licenses GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), Abaco offers its customers effective solutions in the pharmaceutical sector: labeling, repackaging, shrink wrapping, inspection.

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Logo of Atelier des Vieilles Forges inc.

Well established in Trois-Rivières, Atelier des Vieilles Forges operates in more than one sector whose work package handling, housekeeping, printing on aluminum, laser engraving and chocolate service / pastry.

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Logo of Atelier JEM inc.

Atelier JEM is specialized in packaging and handling work in sectors as varied as hardware, food products, electronics and pharmaceutical industry. A hundred or so employees work there and help in serving a wide clientele.

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Logo of Atelier Signes d'Espoir

L'Atelier Signes d'Espoir, founded in 1991, allows people with disabilities, mostly deaf, to pursue a career suited to their requirements in an environment where it is possible to communicate in Quebec Sign Language. The workshop has a strong reputation for quality and customer service. Operating in several sectors, the company added in 2010 part of the recovery, reuse and reclamation of ICT (computer / electronics) and is the only company in Quebec City to be accredited by ARPE Quebec.    

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