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Logo of Alliance 9000

Since 1990, Alliance 9000 specializes in designing, printing and finishing / relirure a wide range of printed products. The company, among others, developed advanced expertise in the production of desk calendars and diaries personalized and non-personalized.

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Logo of Atelier Abaco inc.

Abaco is a well-established enterprise in the subcontracting sector. Advanced equipment, great production capacity, work quality and unmatched service make Abaco a key partner in the completion of your projects. 

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Logo of Atelier des Vieilles Forges inc.

Well established in Trois-Rivières, Atelier des Vieilles Forges operates in more than one sector whose work package handling, housekeeping, printing on aluminum, laser engraving and chocolate service / pastry.

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Logo of Atelier JEM inc.

Atelier JEM is specialized in packaging and handling work in sectors as varied as hardware, food products, electronics and pharmaceutical industry. A hundred or so employees work there and help in serving a wide clientele.

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