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Logo of Atelier Poly-Teck inc.

Atelier Poly-Teck manufactures vinyl products: binders, ring bindings, sample booklets, etc. In addition to manufacturing, the enterprise can also personalize your products using screen printing or hot stamping.

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Logo of Défi RÉCUP-AIR

Défi RÉCUP-AIR is an enterprise recognized for the recovery and recycling of domestic appliances. It offers its clientele a turnkey approach in the recycling of air-conditioning devices. Its innovative dismantling unit makes it possible to optimize its recovery process. 

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Logo of Défi SM

Défi SM has distinguished itself from its competition through the flexibility and versatility of its production capacity. Operating in the wood industry and in industrial subcontracting, Défi SM can manufacture, assemble and package in accordance with the standards and specifications of its clients. 

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