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Logo of ARTB inc.

ARTB is a pioneer in the adapted enterprises network. In more than 40 years of operation, this Beauce region enterprise has built itself a solid reputation in three sectors of activity: wood components spliced, household maintenance and security services.

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Logo of Atelier de travail O'Boulot

L'Atelier de travail O'Boulot specializes in the design, promotion, recovery component of wood. It also has expertise in the manufacture of components handling pallet.

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Logo of Atelier Signes d'Espoir

L’Atelier Signes d'Espoir, established in 1991, allows the disabled persons, first and foremost the deaf persons, to exercise a job adapted to their condition, and it, in an environment in compliance with their needs to communicate in LSQ. The enterprise possesses a robust reputation in quality and in costumer service. Since 2010, the enterprise directed its activities to the management of the residual materials ICT.     

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Logo of BFCO inc.

An enterprise employing a hundred or so employees in Baie-Saint-Paul, BFCO conducts wood processing activities. Among its other products, its cutting boards are sold in Québec, the US and in other parts of the world. These are high-quality Québec products.

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