A job for you in an adapted enterprise

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More than 5,000 people work in one of the 49 adapted enterprises in Québec. Among them, 3,800 live with limitations and occupy a position in an environment that is adapted to their capabilities. Various jobs are possible, in sectors as varied as sowing, household maintenance, packaging, the wood industry, recycling, telecommunications, etc.

Working in an adapted enterprise, an experience worth living!


Are there only disabled persons in an adapted enterprise?

Adapted enterprises have a 60 % minimum of its workers living with limitations. There is therefore a proportion of workers who do not have any functional limitations. This is what makes the working environment unique and enriching for everyone.

Would I lose my claim booklet if I went to work for an adapted enterprise?

It is possible for a beneficiary who is single or for a family composed of one adult with serious employment limitations to keep their claim booklet (dental and pharmaceutical services) and to hold on to certain special benefits for a maximum period of 48 months once they cease to be eligible for the Programme de solidarité sociale [Social Solidarity Program] as a result of returning to work.

Since being able to hold on to the claim booklet is an incentive to return to work for people who receive solidarité sociale benefits, thereby encouraging the economic participation of the greatest number of people possible, the Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale will amend the regulations pertaining to the Programme de solidarité sociale to abolish the maximum threshold of $1,500 applicable to work income as an eligibility criteria to the claim booklet, which will result in expanded access to free services for people with serious limitations to employment when they get a job. The regulations will also be revised so as to maintain free services to couples composed of one person with serious limitations when an adult member of the family gets a job.

To find out if you are eligible, please contact your Emploi-Québec agent.

When workers lose their claim booklet, most enterprises offer group insurance or contribute to insurance plans.

In what way is it different to work for an adapted enterprise?

In an adapted enterprise, it is the enterprise that adapts to the limitations or particularities of workers, not the other way around. The work areas are laid out accordingly along with accompaniment for the workers and their supervision.

Is there a financial advantage in working for an adapted enterprise?

There are many benefits to working for an adapted enterprise. In addition to a competitive salary, disabled workers can be eligible to several government measures:

The Government of Canada offers two programs for the employment of disabled persons, i.e. Working Income Tax Benefit and the Disability Supplement for income earned for disabled persons:

What is an SSMO?

The Service spécialisé de main-d'oeuvre [Specialized Labour Services] (SSMO) is an organization that accompanies disabled persons in their efforts to find a job. To find the SSMO nearest you, consult the following link (in French only):