When you see this seal, you know you are purchasing a quality product or service. Furthermore, by purchasing this product or service, you are making a socially responsible gesture that encourages the integration and continuing employment of persons living with functional limitations.

This seal unites the Quebec adapted companies and connects you to the website www.cqea.ca where you will have access to all the products and services of the organizations that employ workers living with limitations.

These companies proudly display our seal or one of these variations.

Groupe de la Côte | Baie-Comeau and surrounding area buses, which are serviced by Groupe de la Côte’s adapted company, are now promoting the network using the “Carried by an adapted company” variant. Another great way to publicize the network.
iA Financial Group | IA Financial Group’s (Industrial Alliance) table calendars, as well as a number of office items such as the agendas of all Group employees across Canada, have both French and English seals, as these products Are printed by Impressions Alliance 9000.

Horisol manufactures fence boards that are sold across Eastern Canada under the name Groupe HBS, its affiliate. Horisol is yet another company that helps the workplace integration of handicapped persons.

BackDraft | Lighter briquettes produced by Les Ateliers Léopold-Desrosiers are distributed in many big box stores such as Canac and Rona.

Panda and Babychou | Hichaud inc. manufactures an exclusive line of children’s shoes for Panda. These shoes are sold in boxes also manufactured by an adapted company: Cartonek inc. As a result, two organizations are helping people living with limitations to integrate into the labor market. The products of the Hichaud house brand, Babychou, are also sold in boxes of Cartonek proudly bearing the seal.

The Mouvement Desjardins | 1.6 million Desjardins calendars are fabricated in the adapted company Impressions Alliance 9000 Inc. A fantastic project that engages handicapped workers.

BackDraft | Get your 100% recycled fuelwood, made from dry wood packaged by Les Ateliers Léopold-Desrosiers and specially identified as ‘’Made by an Adapted Company’’.

Certex | The industrial rags of the adapted company Certex are always packed with the seal to remind customers that they are encouraging an adapted company in addition to making a socially and environmentally responsible purchase! A sensible choice!

Groupe Aptas | The cardboard boxes made by Cartonek, a division of the Groupe Aptas, are now marked with the seal “Made by an adapted company”.

Groupe de la Côte | Nettoyeur Propet, a division of the Groupe de la Côte uses on its truck the version “Cleaned by an adapted company” of the seal.

Impressions Alliance 9000 | Printed Christmas cards at Impressions Alliance 9000 are all stamped “Made by an adapted company”.

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