Working in an adapted company means:

  • Benefitting from a job that adapts to your limitations;
  • Physical layout, support, supervision and training all adapted to workers with a physical, mental or intellectual deficiency and not the opposite;
  • A competitive salary;
  • Admissibility to certain additional governmental initiatives.

Working in an adapted company, all all-around rewarding experience!

To be admissible to work in an adapted company

A person must meet the following conditions:

  1. Have a deficiency (physical, mental or intellectual);
  2. The deficiency must be persistent;
  3. The significant incapacities must come from this persistence;
  4. The significant incapacities present themselves over the course of activities in everyday life.

If all of these conditions are met, you could be eligible for a grant under the Programme de subventions aux entreprises adaptés (PSEA) for enterprises where a minimum of 60% of the workforce is handicapped persons.

How do you get hired by an adapted company?

How do you integrate into the workforce through an adapted company? First, you must meet all the admissibility criteria and, to be hired, you must complete your job search process through the Service spécialisé en main-d’œuvre (SSMO).

To find the SSMO located closest to you, consult the following link:


  • ‘’I enjoy being able to help people through my work. It’s a daily challenge to encourage and support workers who have limitations and I’m proud to help ensure the high quality of the work we carry out.’’

    Stéphane Lachance
    Stéphane Lachance Groupe AFFI Logistique
  • ‘’I have the opportunity to work at a fulfilling job that fits well with my values. Appreciation and recognition of my work allows me to continue to develop both professionally and socially. Over the years, I’ve developed new competencies that meet my capacities. An adapted company means sharing the same reality and being a part of a team that never passes judgement.’’

    Stéphane Pelletier Certex
  • « I have been working for Récupéraction Centre du Québec for now 2 years. After my work accident with an employer and having job limitations due to my obsessive compulsive disorder, the SEMO recommended to me to work in an adapted company. I had to accept my difference plus I had to agree not to have a regular job to support my family. Today, I take this opportunity to give this testimony and to tell you that I am proud to make a difference for society, for environment by sorting what people throw into recycling bin. »

    Martin Simoneau Récupéraction Centre du Québec
  • « I'm proud to be an employee of Société VIA, an adapted company that takes care of its employees. Thanks for trusting us. I've been working for four years and I'm proud of that, because I can work like everyone else with my limitations. »

    Denis Hudon Société VIA
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