The Conseil québécois des entreprises adaptées (CQEA) aims to continually improve accessibility to its Web site for people with disabilities. To this end, several Priority 1 checkpoints recommended by the Web Accessibility Initiative have already been implemented.

  • The main blocks of information are divided in order to make viewing easier.
  • Header elements make the document structure easier to understand.
  • Clear and simple language is used.
  • The destination of each hyperlink is clearly indicated.
  • Page setup allows users to change the size of the characters.
  • Contrasting colours are used for background and text.
  • All information conveyed by colour is also available without colour.
  • The main language of each page is specified with the required attributes.
  • The screen does not move.
  • The pages are not redisplayed unless activated by the user.
  • A text equivalent is supplied for all important images.
  • The navigation menu reflects the information structure.
  • Each visible element on a form is linked to a caption.
  • The site plan is accessible on each page.
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